Blog Update (Where the hell is the next story!?)

Hello everyone! Just chiming in to let everyone know where the next installment of the story is at and why I haven’t posted it yet. I have been working on it these past few weeks, but I also decided to participate in the National Novel Writing Month! The novel I will write is going to be The Saga of Azriel and Kuvira as well!! So what does this mean for the blog? Since I am writing the story as a novel, I will be updating the blog chapter by chapter, so that means much more frequent updates. I hope you all are looking forward to this as much as I am!

Blog Update (Direction)

Hey everyone, I wanted to give you all an idea of what direction this blog is taking exactly! So I am planning to make a bunch of shorter stories that pretty much fit under the same narrative, following the tales of our main characters – Azriel, Kuvira, Elizabeth, and Oanna! I have the jist of how I want this story to go, but like most things this is always evolving and may even change! Each story I post here could be thought of as chapters, and some as side stories to flesh out the universe our four are living in. I hope you are all enjoying what’s here so far, because there is much more to come!